Paddleboarder I


No paddleboard? No problem! Borrow one from a friendly cove neighbor.

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  1. Politely ask to use a paddleboard from Mrs. Nancy, Mr. Nancy, or Grandma Sandy. Learn the paddleboard owner’s usage and storage rules.

  2. Explain the basics of small boat safety (lifejacket requirement, low light restrictions, awareness of instability, etc.).

  3. Explain the equipment required to go paddleboarding, including which paddle to use based on whether you’re going to sit or stand.

  4. Demonstrate how to properly hold a paddle, on both sides of the paddleboard.

  5. Demonstrate getting on and off of the paddle board in shallow water. Watch out for the fin!!

  6. With someone accompanying, paddle from the cottage, around the Pietropaolis’ raft and back (either standing or sitting). Accompaniment optional for adults.