Motor Boater IV

Whatever comes your way

You’ve reached the pinnacle: Tow people and things!

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  1. Explain safe driving practices when towing a person or object (i.e., how to keep the tow-ee safe).

  2. Explain and demonstrate the proper acceleration and operating speeds for each watersport activity (skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, discing).

  3. Demonstrate how to approach a tow-ee in the water who is: 1) going for another run; 2) done and wants to get back in the boat. For (1), demonstrate the ability to safely pull the tow rope to the tow-ee.

  4. Demonstrate proper procedure to tow a “stranded” boat: slow approach, fend off to protect both boats, tow boat controls/attaches the rope using tow-ee rope if possible, travel at speeds with no significant bow wake (about a fast walk), etc.

  5. With an experienced motorboat operator, take the boat out for a night drive. Demonstrate how to affix and turn on required lights. Drive at least a ½-mile away from the cottage and successfully navigate back.

  6. Teach someone else how to properly start a cold motorboat.