Motor Boater III

Lookin' for adventure

Don’t ding the boat ( know...harm any humans)! Safely launch, dock, and approach objects in the water.

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  1. Demonstrate driving with proper trim control.

  2. Safely launch and dock from the motor boat lift.

  3. Safely dock and launch from a lake gas station, restaurant, or other dock.

  4. Explain the procedures to safely refuel the motorboat: moor, open cap, fuel up, replace cap, blower (!!), launch.

  5. Explain the safety procedures for persons in the water near a motor boat (swimming or participating in watersports): lifejackets, motor off when person entering/exiting boat, hand signals, official observer, etc.

  6. For purposes of retrieval, demonstrate how to safely approach both a person and object in the water. For a person, always approach on the driver side!