Motor Boater II

Head out on the waterway

Practice, practice, practice to get better at driving and maneuverability. And get your "license" to drive!

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  1. Explain the most likely hazards you may encounter while motorboating, and what you should do to prevent and/or respond to these hazards (i.e., running out of gas, fumes explosion, getting caught in a thunderstorm, breakdown, taking on water, floating debris, etc.).

  2. Explain the Keuka Lake boat operation laws for maximum speeds (including night-time operation and variances for close-to-shore operation), and low light operation.

  3. Explain the nautical rules of the road.

  4. Show how to safely assist others in boarding the motor boat.

  5. Demonstrate the basic cold start-up procedure: blower on, choke, key-on, throttle to neutral, warm-up, blower off, engage, depart.

  6. Demonstrate the ability to smoothly use the throttle while driving, speeding up, slowing down, and going into neutral as needed.

  7. With an experienced motorboat operator at hand, demonstrate safe control and maneuverability: 1) at planing speed; 2) at lower speed, navigating the boat around a fixed point (buoy or raft).

  8. Get your “license” to operate the motor boat. Successfully complete a NY State approved Boating Safety Course.