Swimmer II

Jump in and swim to the raft!

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  1. Teach someone the basics of lake swimming safety.

  2. Swim out to the floating raft, then do a head-first dive off the raft and swim back to the main dock ladder.

  3. Snorkel in the cove with at least a mask and snorkel and tell your Kounselor about one fish that you saw.

  4. Swim out to the Pietropaoli floating raft or dock. Take a rest. Then swim back to the main dock ladder.

  5. Do all 5 of the following special jumps off the dock or raft:

    1. Cannonball

    2. Can opener

    3. Watermelon

    4. Pencil

    5. One jump of your creation (muscle man, chuck norris, trust fall, saturday night fever, ...)