If it's yellow let it mellow

You know you're at Keuka when "How and When to Flush" is a mandatory conversation! Earn this Komplishment to show that you know the ins and outs of cottage water and wastewater management.

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  1. Explain what grey water is vs. wastewater.

  2. For each cottage, explain where grey water and wastewater go after they get sent down each drain (through the point of leaving cottage property).

  3. Describe "Johnny's Lament" and explain why flushing is minimized at both cottages, and why grey water use is also minimized at Afterours.

  4. Explain why it's important to add ~1/2 cup bleach to each toilet bowl - once every couple days, after flushing. Note: Bleach should only be handled by adults!

  5. With a Kounselor, check both holding tanks, recording the level of each, and cleaning and stowing the measuring stick.