Canoer IV

...dip dip and swing.

The ultimate challenge: Can YOU gunnel??

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  1. With a partner, portage the canoe from the cottage to the Rothfuss put-in, then canoe back (after asking permission from the Rothfusses).

  2. With a partner, swamp the canoe in water over your head. Right the canoe, emptying it sufficiently to paddle back to shore. Paddlers can be wearing life jackets for assistance.

  3. With a partner or solo, attempt to “gunnel” the canoe, to move it towards a destination with no paddling of any kind (hands, paddles, etc.).

  4. With a partner or solo, paddle the canoe to Jake’s and back, paddling efficiently and effectively.

  5. Teach someone else how to properly perform 3 strokes (the “J” stroke, forward sweep, reverse sweep, draw, bow rudder, cross-bow rudder).