Canoer III

...swift as the wild goose flight...

Impress your friends with new strokes and deep water skills.

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  1. In the bow position, demonstrate bow rudder and cross-bow rudder.

  2. With a partner, perform quick turns using both bow rudder and cross-bow rudder.

  3. Demonstrate the following paddle strokes: forward sweep, reverse sweep, draw.

  4. With a partner or solo, swamp the canoe in deep water, drag it to shore, then empty and right the canoe.

  5. While paddling with a partner, switch seat positions en route without capsizing.

  6. Paddle in rhythm with your partner, setting the pace and giving instruction from the stern position.

  7. Paddle from the cottage to the yacht club, with someone else paddling in the bow. Stay in a (decently) straight line. At least once, switch the side you are paddling on.