Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share

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  1. Explain the process that gets a dirty plate from the table (post-meal) to clean and ready-for-use status (clearing, scraping, pre-rinse, wash, rinse, stack/dry, put away).

  2. Explain the order in which you wash a set of dirty dishes (cleanest to dirtiest/glasses to pans, silverware in the bottom soaking, etc.).

  3. Explain how to tidy up after completing the dishes (wipe all counters with a wrung out rag to sop up water, wipe behind faucet, hand up towels to dry, thoroughly wring out dish rags).

  4. Explain pro-tips or gotchas to avoid (pre-rinse and soak pots on the stove, knives down and all others up in the utensil strainer, for small loads fill the right side with hot water and dunk to rinse, music and friends make the work go faster, etc.)

  5. Do each of the following once following a dinner that required real dishes (not paper plates). These can be spread out over several dinners. The tasks apply to all dishes, glasses, pots, pans, etc. used for that meal:

    1. Clear and scrape

    2. Pre-rinse

    3. Wash

    4. Rinse/stack

    5. Put away