Major Upgrader

Add to the awesomeness!

These are project-based tasks. Kounselors have leeway to approve projects but these are intended to be bigger projects that change the nature of the cottage or its surroundings. Examples: building the grill patio out back, building the floating raft, installing the new boat lift carpet system, building a new rock wall, put in a new garden area

Earn Major Upgrader for doing one project. Earn one Major Upgrader star for each additional project completed.

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  1. Become familiar with the current Keuka Cottage project list (or submit a new project idea) and determine an appropriate project with your Kounselor.

  2. Write up a basic plan for your project and get it approved. Include brief description, materials required, special tools, work limitations (e.g. must do when no rain is forecast).

  3. Check in with Kounselor periodically to ensure project is on track and will achieve the intended goals.

  4. Complete the project during current Keuka visit.