Outside Worker

Help keep the outside clean and safe.

Intended to be quicker ways to chip in a help out, most 15-30min each. Those that are 5-10 min each count as ⅓ point (i.e. 3 must be done to count as 1 point). These tasks are focused on working outside. Do work that needs doing (e.g., don’t mow two days in a row). The first time you do a task, learn what to do, how to do it and why.

To earn Outside Worker, do 5 points worth of tasks. Earn one Outside Worker Tab for every 5 points earned thereafter.

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  1. ⅓ point tasks:

    1. Pick up apples

    2. Sweep a porch

    3. De-cobweb an outside porch

    4. Water the hanging plants

  2. 1 point tasks:

    1. Sweep one set of road stairs

    2. Rake the beach (to level it out and spread seaweed to dry)

    3. Collect dried seaweed and take to compost pile

    4. Trim bushes

    5. Check and record the level of both holding tanks

    6. Plant flowers/herbs

    7. Sort and tidy the compost pile. Sorting: Move dried burnables to a separate pile or put in the fire pit.

    8. Pick up sticks along beach

    9. Dive and pull seaweed in main swimming areas

    10. Mow the area around one cottage

    11. Weed whack one cottage

    12. Weed whack and/or pick weeds and sweep along road in the stretch between the two mailboxes.

    13. Weed for 15-30 minutes (a garden area, the fire ring area, …)

    14. De-cobweb one level of the big dock

    15. Rake and bag leaves