Tidy Upper

Clean up, clean up!

Intended to be quicker ways to chip in a help out, most 15-30min each. Those that are 5-10 min each count as ⅓ point (i.e. 3 must be done to count as 1 point). These tasks are generally focused on cleaning inside. Do work that needs doing (e.g., don’t sweep an already clean floor), and do work for the group as a whole. It’s a given that you’ll tidy up after yourself :). The first time you do a task, learn what to do, how to do it and why.

To earn Tidy Upper, do 5 points worth of tasks. Earn one Tidy Upper Tab for every 5 points earned thereafter.

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  1. ⅓ point tasks:

    • Wash (or rinse/stack) a load of dishes

    • Put a load of dry dishes away

    • Sweep a floor

    • Set the table for dinner

    • Trash (each count as ⅓ point): In one cottage empty all of the small trash cans into the big trash, empty the main trash (take to road) and replace the bag, in 709 take out the stinkables trash and replace the bag, take big can of trash up to the road (when full or for trash day), take recyclables can up to the road and dump (when full or for trash day)

    • Strip a bed

    • Wash a window inside and out (if outside is possible).

  2. 1 point tasks:

    • Empty ice trays and refill

    • Mop a kitchen floor

    • Vacuum one level of a house

    • Clean cobwebs off a porch

    • Clean a bathroom

    • Do a load of laundry (wash, dry, and fold/deliver)

    • Re-make a bed

    • Dust a room

    • Dust the 709 rocker runners

    • Clean the grill

    • Clean the motorboat