Beer Taster III

Beer beer beeeeer

The final challenge! You will need to expand your horizons, both in fermented beverages and in breweries.

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  1. Sample at least 2 beers from 5 different breweries in the Finger Lakes region. These must be different from the breweries visited for Beer Taster I and II.

  2. Go on a brewery tour.

  3. Sample at least one non-traditional fermented beverage such as a mead, sour, or bottle-aged beer.

  4. Bring back a memento from one of the brewery visits (glass, growler, coaster, etc.).

  5. In a blind taste test, identify 4 beers (of those sampled from Beer Taster III brewery visits).

  6. From a seller on Keuka Lake, purchase a large bottle of a New York craft beer and bring back to the cottage to share.