Gully Hiker I

Gully Hiker 1

Ideas for gully hikes:
  • Gibson, Urbana, Eggleston, Mitchellsville (in Hammondsport), Upper Gibson (?)

  • Near Naples: Grimes Glen, Tannery Creek Glen, Clark’s Gully, Conklin Gully

  • The following hikes count for Gully Hiker or Hiker: Watkins Glen State Park, Stony Brook State Park, Letchworth State Park

  • NOTE: We cannot hike Boyd’s (aka Wagener) any more. The owners don’t want people coming through.

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  1. Explain the basics of gully hiking safety (check weather for recent or imminent heavy rain, proper footwear, how to avoid slipping/falling, what to take, washing hands after handling amphibians).

  2. Hike one gully with an experienced gully hiker. Others can go along as well :)

  3. Catch and release at least one amphibian while on a gully hike.