Badges for Everyone

Discer I Discer I
Discer II Discer II
Discer III Discer III
Discer IV Discer IV
Fire Builder I Teeny tiny tinder
Fire Builder II Kinda bigger kindling
Fire Builder III Ferocious fuel
Gully Hiker I Gully Hiker 1
Gully Hiker II Gully Hiker 2
Gully Hiker III Gully Hiker 3
Hiker I Hiker 1
Hiker II Hiker 2
Hiker III Hiker 3
Ice Creamer I All we need...
Ice Creamer II ice cream...
Ice Creamer III ...and a hug.
Major Upgrader Add to the awesomeness!
Motor Boater I Get your motor runnnin'
Motor Boater II Head out on the waterway
Motor Boater III Lookin' for adventure
Motor Boater IV Whatever comes your way
Paddleboarder I Paddle
Paddleboarder II Paddle straight
Paddleboarder III Paddle far
Paddleboarder IV Yoga paddle!
Rower I Row!
Rower II Row further!
Runner/Walker I
Runner/Walker II
Runner/Walker III
Sailor I Sailor I
Sailor II Sailor II
Sailor III Sailor III
Sailor IV Sailor IV
Skier I Pop up!
Skier II Get up on one!
Skier III Get up and cut!
Tuber I Get dragged!
Wakeboarder I Wakeboarder I
Wakeboarder II Wakeboarder II
Wakeboarder III Wakeboarder III

Badges for Adults